Positive Cancer

Why Positive Cancer

Almost each individual knows a cancer patient, whether a family member, a friend, a neighbor or a colleague, yet, many of us are afraid even to mention the word “cancer” and avoid discussing the matter in public. Some superstitious individuals panic from even hinting to the disease. According to a member from the US National Cancer Institute (NCI): “The fear of cancer in many societies is synonym to the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, who nobody wants to mention! The word ‘cancer’ frightens everyone I know. It is a disease that the majority fear the most.”

Thus, we aim to retrieve the power we have given to the word “cancer”. Hence, we designed a creative logo, representing our message in the looks and context and reflecting the needed psychological impact. We referred to the word “Cancer” with the first letter in English “C” and in Arabic “س”, and combined them together. However, to emphasize the positive aspect of the Foundation, we referred to the positive symbol “+” to be the common factor of the two letters.

With Positive Cancer “C+” we will tear down the layers of fear, contribute in enhancing the meaning of coexisting positively with cancer, improve the social awareness of the disease, and support cancer patients.