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Positive Cancer Foundation

The Positive Cancer Foundation (PCF) is a non profit foundation, founded by Reem Al Buainain. Its aims to change the way people live with and fight cancer, through developing a positive environment and attitude towards the disease, and via harnessing the collective efforts of the patients and their families, the specialists, and relevant government institutions.

The idea of the foundation took root in mid 2010 when Reem decided to change her personal twitter account name to @PositiveCancer after noticing that her tweets about life and how to cope with cancer appealed to her followers.

“Almost each individual knows a cancer patient, whether a family member, a friend, a neighbour or a colleague. When one of my family members was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, the experience of living with cancer and dealing with it was my inspiration to do something about it”.

On 2011 Reem and other young national leaders met UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at Qasr Al Bahar in Dubai, who further inspired her to proceed with the initiative.(During UAE Women Leadership Program, which introduced by Dubai Women Establishment and in partnership with “Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development” (MBRPLD))

In the last quarter of 2011, Reem published the Positive Cancer website, which also held a successful country-wide survey to assess the level of cancer awareness among the general public and patients and emphasised the importance of increased awareness to improve the lives of cancer patients while extending support to their families and friends.

On the UAE’s 40th National Day in 2011, the initiative gained tremendous support from H.H Sheikh Abdallah bin Zayed on twitter after the team published their first video, which was a greeting from cancer patients for UAE National day 40th.  The video aimed to send the message that cancer patents are living positively with cancer, while still giving back to the UAE. The video was also produced by a group of volunteers.

Reem then decided to create an official identity for Positive Cancer and the rest is history:

  1. Reem was nominated by the US Embassy in the UAE to join the International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP) on “NGO Management in the US”. This aimed to introduce international leaders to the best practices of  U.S. based NGO management,, discover advocacy organisations, learn about the dynamic relationships between business, government, and non-governmental organisations and to review methodologies used by NGOs for strengthening leadership, employing volunteers, fundraising and furthering missions.

  2. In September 2012 the first board meeting for the Positive Cancer Foundation was held.
  3. In December 2012 they submitted their official application to establish the Foundation to the Ministry of Social Affairs.
  4. In March 2013 the Positive Cancer Foundation officially became the first federal foundation concerning cancer in the UAE.

Goals and benefits:

The Positive Cancer Foundation aspires to become the primary source of information on cancer support in both Arabic and English languages. The website is a gift from the UAE to the whole of humanity.

The Positive Cancer Foundation aims to support all those affected by cancer, including the patients themselves, their families, communities and healers, being there for them and providing psychological and moral support. By listening to patient’s complaints and understanding their pain, the Positive Cancer Foundation tries to minimise the impact of their misfortune, stimulating them to coexist with cancer with a more positive attitude.

With cancer science and technology advancing rapidly, PCF aims to find the right way of fully capitalising on these advances.