Positive Cancer

Mission, Vision & Values


To ensure empowering cancer patients with knowledge, strengthening their will, and assuring the sustainability of community support.


To be the leading supporter of patients all throughout their journey with cancer until recovery and beyond, contributing in the healing process and providing dynamic, unique and flexible programs tailored to satisfy the needs of growing and diverse segments of cancer survivors.

Positive Cancer Foundation Services:

Positive Cancer services help to change the way people live with and fight cancer, through developing a positive environment and attitude towards the disease, and via harnessing the collective efforts of the patients and their families, the specialists, and relevant government institutions.


  1. Non-Profit Foundation.
  2. To face and coexist with cancer positively.
  3. To spread awareness of the disease and to work on improving the quality of the lives of cancer patients.
  4. To encourage and empower cancer patients from all ages, genders and cultures, to face the disease.
  5. To bring hope to those battling with cancer.

Core Values:

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as a Foundation. They dictate how we perform our duties and carry out our mission: to provide ethical, compassionate, leading edge care for patients with cancer.


Each patient deserves our compassion, respect, patience, and loyalty.


Making each day the best it can be for our patients and co-workers.


We believe in using an innovative approach when treating our customers and when managing our work.


To beat cancer we need to challenge the status quo and push boundaries, taking the foundation approaches to working that achieve groundbreaking results.


By building strong, long-lasting relationships with teams internally, charities, the government and our supporters we can deliver progress, excellent services and ultimately achieve better results.

Trust & Integrity

Honesty, trust and authenticity are inbuilt in the way we work. We honour the spirit and intent of our commitments and promises, demonstrating consistency between our actions and our words.


All our people are accountable for the impact we make as an Foundation.


For us, this means setting high expectations and constantly reviewing our performance to make sure we always maximize the impact we can make.

Passion for our vision

We are passionate about promoting our purpose. As a Foundation, we’re united in achieving our vision and we inspire others to do the same.

Team Spirit

Being the best for the team – rather than best in the team. We are always flexible, creative and collaborative in our approach. And always passionate about what we do.


We dedicate ourselves to do our best to meet the foundation goals and to fulfil the commitment that we undertake.

Human Dignity

We value and respect the divers multicultural society, which our country developed and we encourage and empower cancer patients from all ages, genders and cultures, to face the disease.

If you feel connected to our values, we look forward to hear from you.