Positive Cancer

Establishment & Goals

Positive Cancer Foundation is established under the Ministerial Decision No. (155) Of 2013, where the Foundation has achieved the Legal Personality Statues under the umbrella of the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs and is subject to the provisions of the Federal Law No. (2) Of 2008, regarding the establishment of public benefit associations and NGOs. The Foundation’s headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, where its legal scope of activities is spread all over the UAE in order to achieve its many honorable objectives in collaboration with official and specialized authorities in the UAE and abroad, including:

  1. Spreading of awareness on Cancer and the educational means to reach positive coexistence between Cancer patients and the society.
  2. Work on improving and positively changing Cancer patients’ way of life regardless of their age, gender and education, through spreading and strengthening the spirit of social interdependence and cooperation.
  3. Providing awareness of the means of dealing with Cancer among the patients and their communities, starting with the very moment the disease is diagnosed.
  4. Establishing an electronic database on Cancer and how to deal with it at every stage.